Fiona Pitcairn has worked for MADCA for over three years initially as Community Care Coordinator and most recently as CEO since October 2016.

During this time Fiona’s expertise in Quality Systems and Policy has been invaluable to the organisation. During December 2015, three months after she began, Fiona led the organisation and the community care team through the Quality Audit as part of funding expectations with the Federal Department of Health.

This audit occurs every three years and independent auditors inspected the quality of community care services being provided by MADCA through Milang and District Community Care for which a successful outcome was gained in March 2016.

Continuous Improvement included changes to food handling services, especially around Friday Feast takeaway foods which also supports any frozen food storage at Milang Community Centre, and the introduction of Continuous Improvement across the organisation when she assumed the CEO role.

In May 2016 Fiona was tasked with the implementation of Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES) which is a service quality certification required by State Government for funding grants which MADCA receives.

This certification sets MADCA apart from many other grant applicants and continues to strengthen our ongoing capacity to secure future funding.

In early 2017 Fiona set up Lakes Home Care a service providing our ageing residents with continuation of aged care services in the area.  Lakes Home Care provides current community care clients the opportunity to transition seamlessly to a Home Care Package which has proved to be a very welcome decision to those receiving care with My Aged Care.

Fiona was also involved in the application to become a Provider for Home Care Services which was necessary for MADCA to be eligible to deliver Home Care Packages as a Provider for Aged Care services.  Lakes Home Care continues to grow, and we appreciate Fiona’s foresight in pursuing this business opportunity.

The MADCA Management Committee, staff and volunteers would like to extend their appreciation for Fiona’s contribution and commitment to the organisation and the wider Milang and District community over the past three years and wish her well in her future endeavours.

Pamela Francis
Acting President

On behalf of the Management Committee

Recognition of the CEOs service to the Community