This month following a special Finance Committee meeting some major changes have been implemented at MADCA.

The revised operating budget was presented to a general meeting on Monday night 26th November and it was highlighted as a result of staffing changes and the current closure of Shoreline Nursery the Management Committee believe they will achieve a trading profit by the end of the financial year in- stead of another loss.

To achieve this turn around the CEO role has been discontinued and an overall staffing ratio of 7.7 FTEs has been reduced to 4.9 FTEs. Existing staff are stepping up to cover the workload and their efforts have been fantastic.

This model has been benchmarked on the Tailem Bend Community Centre and is designed to be a sustainable model for the future.

Unfortunately some staff have resigned and others contracts have ceased because funding wasn’t available to keep those positions going.

Pamela Francis and the BDO David Furniss have been well supported by staff and volunteers in implementing the necessary changes and were thanked for this effort at the general meeting.

David reminded everyone that any concerns or queries should be directed to him at or Pamela and any continuing negative commentary about the organisation, staff or Committee members must stop. David and Pamela welcome anyone to make an appointment with Sonya at the office.

MADCA needs the whole community behind it if we are to continue to enjoy local, state and federal government funding.

Pamela thanked Tony, Kelly, Bernie and Fiona for their contribution to MADCA and the community and wished them well in the future.

A copy of the financial budget and draft organisation chart was up on the walls for people to look at.

Volunteers interested in being on sub committees to support the pro- grams and improve communication between the community and the Management Committee were invited to register their interest.

These will be displayed in the Foyer at MOSHCC

A governance workshop being run by Community Centre SA was promoted that will be run at the Milang Institute Supper Room on December 10th 9.30-4.30 lunch provided.

All interested in good governance of local community organisations are encouraged to attend.

Busy time for MADCA Management Committee, staff and volunteers

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